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Public Cable Access, Channel 18 — Prescott, WI (and Hastings, MN too!)

Live Cardinal Sports

PCTV in partnership with PSD has brought you livecasts of local sports events for over 30 years. Our dedicated staff of volunteers has delivered high quality and professional results. We're lucky to have them working for us before they step into careers with worldwide media.
The 2022–23 Basketball Season can be watched, live and on-demand, on our dedicated YouTube playlist. No account or payments needed!

Alternately, watch on-demand games from the past 12 years on the NFHS Network with an account, (and maybe a paid subscription,) Go to Our NFHS Channel to see what's available.

Help Wanted! Students please apply!

We're looking for students interested in helping produce high school events.
More information can be found here.

Program Guide for Channel 18

Our Program Guide is updated continuously to let you know what's on today and tomorrow.

Watch select videos on our YouTube Channel, and share with everyone!

See our City Hall board meetings on our YouTube playlist dedicated to municipal content.

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by Larry Imm