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Posted Videos:

Jayne Brand's Address 2020 to the Kiwanis regarding city projects and other municipal matters.

CNA Training at the High School. Marie Magnan talks about her HS course that features transcript credits and enough practice hours allowing students to certify as nursing assistants upon graduation.

Students Abroad! Jeff Ryan presents the PSD's overseas travel program for students. Includes pictures from the prior visit to Europe.

Return of the Trumpeter Swan. Margaret Smith shares the story of the return of trumpeter swans to North America and the key players in their return.

Brian Koenig presents HS Tech Ed to the Kiwanis. Watch some of the ways he prepares young people for future Tech related careers.

The Anderson Center. Collin McCanna, Development Director, discusses an overview and history of The Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN.

Carpenter Nature Center. Jennifer Vieth, Executive Director of Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center, talks about a project to add a building in the Wisconsin campus.

Prescott Chamber of Commerce at the Kiwanis. Casey Johnson tells us what to expect in 2020 from your local chamber.

PHS Garage Band Christmas performs for the Kiwanis. Introduced by Jason Canfield, music teacher.

2019 St. Joseph's Christmas Concert, the children of St. Joseph's school sing merry holiday songs interwoven with the story of Jesus' birth. Also includes a wonderful performance of their handbell choir.

High School Basketball Coaches speak to the Kiwanis about our winning basketball teams.


Jon Breimhorst at the Kiwanis, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, reports on your investment options.

Prescott Foundation, 2019. Foundation execs Mandy Matzek & Tom Magnan answer questions about local projects, funding, and cooperation with other local organizations.

Amy Luther at the Kiwanis, is our Pierce County Dementia Specialist. Here, she presents the efforts to make Prescott a more accommodating city to dementia patients.

Snake, Rattle & Roll! Join Emily Roberts at the Prescott Public Library as she presents an educational and hands-on exhibit of snakes, turtles, a broad-tailed gecko and a salamander! Get close to these wonderful (and well behaved) animals.

Dog Sports with Dr. Hunter presents dog sports, competitions and behind-the-scenes secrets. She's also brought her top-performing vizsla to demonstrate dog agility.

Bruce the Bug Guy! Entomologist Bruce Giebink delights kids and adults with this hands-on travelling exhibit of moths, millipedes, cockroaches, and a tarantula! Right here at Freedom Park.

Jason Matthys at the Kiwanis. Jason presents his experience as the Pierce County Administrative Coordinator. County government departments, programs, and budget items are explained clearly, as well as their impact on your local taxes.

Israel Haas at the Kiwanis. Freedom Park has a new director meet Israel Haas. He introduces himself in his new role as well as a new Kiwani member.

Dr. Spicuzza at the Kiwanis. Superintendent Rick Spicuzza gives a brief history of his career, and talks about the student-centered mission of the Prescott Public Schools.

Jayne Brand at the Kiwanis, 2019. Administrator Jayne Brand discusses the city's finances and accounting.

St. Croix Composite Mountain Bike Team, an interesting sport for kids of all ages.

All About Chimney Swifts: Local expert Ron Windingstad comes to Freedom Park and teaches about these fascinating birds and also some things you can do to help.

Josh Fiege at the Kiwanis. Our new High School Principal introduces the two new High School Counselors, and then shares information with us about the new laude system.

Sarah Betzler pilots Monarch Butterfly Tagging at Freedom Park! Learn about Monarch butterflies and the public/volunteer science project to track them and their migrations.

Dr. Jay Feuillerat introduces himself to the Kiwanis as Prescott's new dentist.

AZ Snyder, Health Officer and Public Health Director of Pierce County, shares her vision for the future of public health.

Prescott Zoning Board of Appeals, Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Matt Smith, Assistant Principal and Activities Director for our local high school, updates the Kiwanis on Prescott High School Athletics, Arts, Activities and Academics.

Lisa Bodenheim, new Pastor at UCC, talks about her life experiences abroad.

Ann Webb, coordinator of the Pierce County Fair, talks about the improvements and new happenings at this year's fair.

Mrs. Langer and Ms. Goeppner from our Public Library talk about materials, services, programs, resources, and events.

Alicia Harmon, Owner of Synergy HomeCare describes her business that cares for those impacted by age or illness.

Chief Deputy Steve Albarado of Pierce County talks to the Kiwanis about the new jail facility, D.A.R.E. successes, and current concerns.

Get the latest news about the Highway 29 design & rebuild project.

Upcoming changes to the Chamber of Commerce are presented to the Kiwanis.

Emily Calabrese talks about the HS Track & Field season, at the Kiwanis.

Spaceport Sheboygan's Brian Ewenson gives an honest overview of flying in space and serving on the International Space Station.

Dallas Eggers presents his ideas for Coordinating Volunteer Groups in Prescott, WI.

It's St. Joseph's 2019 Spring Concert & Play!

Naturalist Neil Skoog presents World Migratory Bird Day.

The Nest is the new store at the Prescott High School started by kids in the Entrepreneurship Class which includes junior and senior classmen. Listen to how it got started and where it may be headed.

Randy Thoreson presents Healthy Parks - Healthy People, getting seniors outdoors into multi-generational activities.

Franz Altpeter presents 5 Future Tech Bets, a conclusion from his group's tours of Silicon Valley.

Cliff Jennings introduces Bow Fishing to the Kiwanis of Prescott.

Nourished by Nature is a guided introspection hosted by Wendy Loomis at Freedom Park.

Bridgepoint Investment Associates is a company that helps homeowners sell their homes fast with cash. Lauren Erickson talks about her vision to the Kiwanis.

Dr. Rita Raverty speaks on Shared Decision Making between you and your doctor.

CAB Company Banquet Fundraiser Coach Steve Block presents his favorite stories of teams past.

CAB Company Banquet Fundraiser Speakers & Awards.

Lisa Holtan of Body Works Gym talks about the array of healthy activities and guidance to the Kiwanis.

Prescott Food Shelf News presented by Pete French at the Kiwanis.

Jeff Davis shares Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice, a slideshow of photographs he took while on vacation.

Joan Simon presents Online Safety & Your Digital Footprint at the Kiwanis.

It's a European Vacation slideshow at the Kiwanis with our friends: the Allens, the Blocks, and the Magnans.

Prescott Police Chief Eric Michaels tells us how the new position as Chief is going, and updates us on the department and the challenges they face.

Growing up Baseball: Jeff Ryan talks about his early years playing baseball with his brothers, before accepting his induction to the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame.

River City Stitch owners Kim & Dave French speak about their business, its history, and current projects.

Jeff Ryan, high school teacher and native activist, discusses the Doctrine of Discovery and how it affects relations with American Indians even today. Filmed at the UCC church in Prescott WI.

Days of the Life of an Elementary School Principal, with Sara Dusek at the Kiwanis.

High School Basketball Coaches speak to the Kiwanis about the basketball season's great start.

Mayor Dave Hovel talks about the process of hiring a new police chief in Prescott and Wisconsin in general.


Prescott Foundation's Tom Magnan and Mandy Matzek give an update on the Foundation and their projects and kindness to our community.

2018 St. Joseph's Christmas Concert, watch the children of St. Joseph's school as they sing merry holiday songs. Also includes a performance of their handbell choir.

Holiday Songs Sung at the Kiwanis, by two quartets directed by Brittany Kamrath.

CAB Company president Dallas Eggers, presents the nonprofit's plans to improve local baseball venues in the city, next year and beyond.

Bats of Wisconsin, a wonderful presentation by WDNR biologist Jennifer Redell at Prescott Public Library, coordinated with the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Brittani Frey visits the Kiwanis to talk about her local business where she offers intuitive guidance, healing sessions, oracle card readings, and many other amazing things.

Kim Zahradka speaks to the Kiwanis about the popular brand of Norwex cleaning products and supplies.

William Mitchell and friends, of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, perform as Tomahawk Circle at Freedom Park, hosted by Jeff Ryan.

Kathryn Niemela at the Kiwanis talks about the journey that lead her to the Prescott Courage Kenny Therapy Center.

Jeff Smith, Democratic candidate for WI Senate district #31, speaks to the Kiwanis about his 2018 campaign.

Mel Pittman, Republican candidate for WI Senate district #31, speaks to the Kiwanis about his 2018 campaign.

Staff from the River Falls Free Clinic speak to the Kiwanis about their successful mission.

High School varsity coaches talk about the upcoming sports seasons at this Kiwanis presentation.

See what Community Ed has to offer this year as Penny Peterson speaks to the Kiwanis.

Kevin Hall, The Magic Maniac closes out the Public Library's Summer Reading Program with a delightful performance of magic (and physics) for all the kids.

Katie Davidson at the Kiwanis talks about what led her to being a sports journalist after being a multi-sport athlete in a small town high school.

Ann Webb at the Kiwanis talks about the upcoming Pierce County Fair! Reports of new attractions and tales of old woes.

Marv Lindseth at the Kiwanis tells of his recent trip to the Lac du Flambeau Indian Reservation with the high school.

Tracy Chipman tells stories and guide kids in sing-alongs at the Prescott Public Library.

The new directors of the local funeral home address the Kiwanis and talk about preparing one's final arrangements.

WI Geology, presented by Dr. Ken Bradbury, discloses how our unique landforms and minerals have shaped the state's industry and culture.

Katherine Fossler at the Kiwanis talks about the Small Business Development Center at UWRF.

Library Volunteens prepare planters around city hall. Hosted by Danielle Welch, Programming Specialist at the public library.

Life of a Riverboat Captain with captain Tom Struve, describes his life and times on Mississippi river barges and towboats.

Untamed Mushrooms: Field to Table presented by the authors, with a lively discussion of mushrooms, identifying, cooking and more.

Duke Otherwise at St. Joseph's, provides kid-friendly songs in this excellent public performance!

St. Joseph's Spring Concert & Play  Kids show their learning of music, rhythm, and stage direction in this year-end concert. Features a play based on the Old Testament story of Daniel in the lion's den.

Morels and Spring Mushrooms presented by Tim Clemens of Ironwood Foraging Co. Find the elusive morel.

Who Are the Amish by professor Mark Louden of the University of Wisconsin.

Bluebirds! with Lowell Peterson and volunteers from the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin.

Jayne Brand's Address 2018 to the Kiwanis Club regarding city projects and other municipal matters.

Artist's Moment with B.J. Christofferson; listen as B.J. describes her art and beginnings during a reception for an art exhibit.

Artist's Moment with Tom Blanck; listen as Tom describes his art and beginnings during a reception for an art exhibit.

Student Art Show, see student expression as it can be imagined only by new artists! Exhibit at the Orange Dragon Art Gallery in Prescott, WI.

Peter DeCarlo talks about emerging history on Fort Snelling at Bdote.

Bruce Ause teaches about events in nature as they relate to the seasons of the year, in his Local Phenology presentation.

Dennis Donath helps you Plan your trip on the Great River Road, presented at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Volunteers for Freedom Park Plant Native Prairie Seeds at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.


Ukulele Sing-along at the Orange Dragon, celebrating Christmas in a unique way.

St. Joseph's 2017 Christmas Concert, watch the children of St. Joseph's school as they sing merry holiday songs. Also includes a performance of their handbell choir.

Books & Bells, concert and storytelling featuring Bells of the Bluffs Handbell Ensemble at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Andy Evensen Painting Demo, watercolors blend in Andy's expert style as he renders a scene of the art gallery from Orange & Broad Streets. Filmed at the Orange Dragon Art Gallery in Prescott, WI.

Prescott History in Pictures & Stories. Dallas Eggers, local historian, presents Historical Society photographs illustrated with stories of local people and events. Filmed at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

CeCeile Hartleib Painting Demo. Artist CeCeile Hartleib paints a friend and shows you how. Filmed at the Orange Dragon Art Gallery in Prescott, WI.

Clamming Postcards. Robert Stumm presents artifacts, postcards, and samples of mussel harvesting for pearl buttons.

Connie Misener Painting Demo. A bowl of lemons realized in oil on canvas before your eyes. Filmed at the Orange Dragon Art Gallery in Prescott, WI.

Love & Light in Nature, art exhibit by Lake Carter at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Water, Clouds and Reflections, art exhibit by Jeff Wilson and Jan Hopkins Furness with interviews at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Jeff Wilson Pottery Demo, watch pottery come to life with music and comments. Filmed at the Orange Dragon Art Gallery in Prescott, WI.

Monarch Butterflies, Amy Miller talks about the life cycle, migration, and other unique qualities of this remarkable creature.

Borner Farm 2017, history and and goings-on this year at our favorite urban farm.

Connie Misener Art Exhibit, at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Wisconsin Food Hub, a Tributary Talk detailing the activities of the WI Farmer's Union Cooperative.


Pierce County Recycling, a tour of operations at the recycling center.

Tributary Talks 2, recorded at the Borner Farm Project.

Volunteer Art Show, an art exhibit by the Volunteers of Freedom Park at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

New High School Dedication, recorded at the new public high school on September 19, 2016.

Minnesota Zoomobile, 2016, an interactive show-and-tell for children at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Oil and Water II, an art exhibit by Dianne Ginsberg and Jeanette Richards at the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center.

Our Greatest Treasures: National Parks.

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